Roshni Means Light or Brightness.

Our Story

Roshni is our reminder to be the light in the world. It is a reminder that through self-care and community-care, we can create stronger communities that radiate with connection and belonging for all. Our products are infused with the intention to inspire moments of connection and to help us all find the small moments to slow down, tune inward, and find love and joy around us.

South Asian + Afghan owned, we focus on curated scents that have the ability to elevate any space to an environment of connection. All of our candles are handpoured by our team in British Columbia and are truly a labour of love. We only use clean ingredients and focus on creating minimally with our environmental impact in mind. We both care deeply about our Punjabi + Afghan culture and so much of that shows up in our work here.

We are guided by our values of community and connection. $1 from every candle sold goes to grassroots organizations that are working to build stronger communities through fostering connection, belonging and wellbeing.

Thank you for your support on this journey.

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