Community Connections with Erum

Community Connections with Erum

Erum is an entrepreneur living in the Okanagan Valley, who runs a South Asian inspired luxurious jewelry company. From reclaiming identity through bold jewelry, bringing back designs that so many of us grew up around, to building a company from a space of authenticity, we are here to celebrate it all! 

Tell us about yourself and your journey to Erum Co.

ERUM has been a work in progress since I was in high school. As a young adult, I was constantly on the hunt for good quality jewelry at affordable prices. Rings would turn my fingers green. Necklaces would lose their colour. I was determined to find a solution. Culturally, jewelry is embedded into my daily routine. On my 23rd birthday I decided that my gift to myself would be to bring my love for jewelry and culture together. A coexistence of my Canadian-Pakistani roots.

How do you stay inspired and grounded?

I stay inspired through community. Making somebody smile, brightening somebody's day - it makes it all worth it. A client will reach out and say "omg this reminds me of a set of earrings that my mother gave me when I was little" or "thank you for making pieces that I can wear everyday and still represent my culture with pride". It truly inspires me to keep creating.

What does wellness and self-care look like for you right now? 

I've realized that self-care comes in many forms. Sometimes self-care means going to the gym and other times it means hanging out with friends. Recently, therapy is grabbing a cup of mint tea with my best friend Simran. She inspired me to create tarnish resistant, minimal jhumkas: "The Simran Earrings".

What do you hope your work inspires others to think, feel or do? 

I hope my work inspires others to embrace their cultural roots. South Asia is such a diverse region - let's learn to love our beautiful backgrounds. Growing up, I felt out of place with my gold jewelry, oily hair, and dark features. I wish I could go back and tell younger me that "there will come a time when you love all these things about yourself".

What’s your favourite community space right now where you feel connected? 

My favourite space right now is among strong South Asian creators on social media. Now that I have joined the industry, I see all of the beautiful artwork, mantras, and organizations that are empowering Desi individuals. When we join forces we can create amazing things!

Why are the communities you are currently building important to you?

When I was a kid I didn't appreciate my culture and associated traditions. For example, I didn't like taking Eid day off because I felt strange among my classmates. I want to be a part of building a strong South Asian community because it's important for younger generations to understand and experience the beauty of our culture. I want my children to grow up in a world where multi-cultural aspects are celebrated. 

Do you use candles or other home fragrance products? 

I use candles constantly: photoshoots, scent, atmosphere. They're a staple in my wellness routine. If I'm feeling down I'll light a candle and I instantly feel better - so satisfying. I love a candle that wears evenly, lasts a long time, and produces an even flame. 

What’s your all time favourite candle scent?

My all time favourite scents are Vanilla and spicier scents such as Winter Solstice from ROSHNI. It reminds me of an Agarbatti, such a throwback. 

Follow Erum @erumca on Instagram for more behind the scenes. You can purchase our Erum x Roshni Welcome to Paradise candle here. 

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