Our Story: What Grounds Us at Roshni

Our Story: What Grounds Us at Roshni

Scents have the ability to ground us are so powerful that they can enhance any space and bring a sense of calm and wellbeing into your home. For us, scented candles have the incredible ability to invite in moments of connection that are filled with love and light, and offer small moments to slow down, to tune in, and find joy around us. 

At Roshni Wellness, we create premium scented candles that inspire moments of connection and aim to bring love, light and joy to your homes. Roshni means light and brightness in the languages that we speak and we’re here to create a space that inspires all of us to #betheroshni and shine bright in this world. We’re inspired by our South Asian and Afgan cultures and so much of that shows up here in our work. 

Our candles are made using only the highest quality ingredients. We use premium sustainable ingredients to make our candles including natural coconut soy wax, lead/zinc free cotton wicks, and the highest quality blend of fragrance oils that are paraben and phthalate free. We care about building sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly and continuously look for ways to improve our practices in all stages of our business. All of our packaging is plastic-free and our vessels were carefully selected so they can be upcycled and repurposed. 

Every candle is hand-poured in small batches by our small team in Cawston, BC and is truly a labour of love. We’ve built our foundation on the values of community and connection. We want to create a space that is equally celebrates self-care and also playing a role in building stronger communities around us. We donate $1/candle sold back to grassroots community organizations that are working to build connection, belonging and community. 


Thank you for making the choice to support our small business. When I first started this company in 2022, I was navigating many changes in my own life. After spending 15 years working in community development and improving our mental health care system, I questioned if I was giving myself enough space to create and do things that I loved. We grew so quickly and I welcomed my partner Shoaib onboard in early 2023. So much of who we are shows up in our work here as we continue to connect with all that we were meant to be, and all that we choose to be, a process of finding our own lights. 

Every candle collection we create is filled with expression, stories and experiences that we hope you’ll enjoy along the way. We are so grateful for your support and welcome you to connect with us any time to share feedback, recommendations or ideas to create something beautiful together. 

- Navjot 

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