Community Connections with Ravina Toor

Community Connections with Ravina Toor

A self taught artist based out of Edmonton Alberta, Ravina is extremely passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring new mediums. Her art has been strongly rooted in her curiosity of life, the divine, and deep admiration, love and respect for her Punjabi and Sikh background. Ravina brings forth her advocacy through her artwork by challenging social norms and promoting dialogue. Her work opens doors to building community conversations and having conversations in households on how to transition to healthier practices. 

Ravina inspires us each and every day to create from a space of authenticity and intention. In this interview, she shares what community and connection mean to her, what she hopes her work inspires in you, and how she stays grounded. 

Tell us about yourself and your journey to artwork. 

I embarked on my artistic voyage at a young age, with a natural inclination towards expressing creatively.  Since childhood, my artistic expression has revolved around the theme of identity. As a child, I used art to manifest her desired persona, and as she grew older, my sought to represent my identity through my artwork. Now, my art is a celebration of my own unique identity, as well as my cultural roots and community.

Born in 1997 to immigrant parents in Edmonton, I studied Human Resources and Marketing at the University of Alberta graduating in the midst of a global pandemic in 2020. With navigating life in a manner that was far from what we had known, I made the decision to give my art the time she had now been gifted with. In less than two years of operating, I have launched a successful international business. I am a self taught multi-disciplinary artist whose artwork respects a microcosm of collectiveness, visually encapsulating my deep admiration for my Panjabi-Sikh roots. Fusing art with personal experiences as a second generation child, I engage with the conversation of dual-identities and the importance of celebrating one’s ancestral roots. By integrating, expanding, and regenerating advocacy in art, I bring light to the importance of showcasing how connected we truly are. 

How do you stay inspired and grounded? 

Being surrounded with community-minded individuals and supporting others pursue their passions. 

What does wellness and self-care look like for you right now? 

My self care and wellness journey has changed over the years but for now it is taking care of myself through what I consume - food, media and my surroundings. In addition to having a strict morning and night time routine and practicing self discipline by making sure I take the time daily to prioritize my well being. 

What do you hope your work inspires others to think, feel or do? 

I hope my work inspires others to look back at their lineage, to remember who came before them and made them who they are in this moment. I hope they feel warm knowing what a rich heritage our community has and inspires them to share more of it with the world. 

What does community mean to you? 

Community is centred around everything I do on a daily basis. All my values streamline on how my actions impact my community, and how I can create a space for the community to visually capture the essence in the beauty of ours.  

I also appreciate my Instagram community, which includes collectors of my work and also fellow creatives. I feel connected to a lot of my followers and it feels great to get excited about art and all things that are beautiful. 

When and where do you feel the greatest sense of belonging and connection in your life? 

I feel the greatest sense of belonging when I’m in a room full of diverse creatives, I think what makes this space so special is that the creative space is for us to live out the dreams our ancestors once held but did not have the luxury to pursue. 

Do you use candles or other home fragrance products? 

I use candles and incense daily! I usually start my day off with lighting an incense in my office to get the office warmed up and honour what the day has in store and I end every night with my candle -night time routine is critical.

Do What's your all-time favourite candle scent? 

100% the fresh vanilla from Roshni, it has the most divine smell. I love scents that warm up the room!

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