Community Connections with Kirn Gill

Community Connections with Kirn Gill

Kirn Gill is a Surrey-based Artist, who focuses on floral and landscape paintings. Her ultimate goal with each painting is to portray a deep sense of beauty. For us, Kirn has been a role model to lean in with curiosity and courage to creating the life you want for yourself. Read more about her journey to painting, what inspires her, and what community and wellness look like in her life. 

Tell us about yourself and your journey to painting. 

My name is Kirn Gill and I am a B.C. based artist. I paint landscape & floral paintings in oils. I work with interior designers, sell my work out of number of shops in Vancouver area and Victoria. I have collectors all over the world who have my paintings in their homes. 

How do you stay inspired and grounded? 

I stay inspired by getting out into the world! I love visiting art galleries, beautiful home decor shops, and coffee shops. I also visit many flower shops, and have fresh flowers in my home on a regular basis. I like being in nature and visit our local beaches often. Other things that I love are lighting candles, having jazz or Panjabi music playing in the background, and open blinds. 

What does wellness and self-care look like for you right now? 

Wellness for me means a 45 minute daily meditation. I also do 3 pages of journaling, which is like a brain dump. These two things really help me stay clear, calm and connected with myself.

What do you hope your work inspires others to think, feel or do? 

I hope my work inspires others to feel good about themselves and their lives, which includes their homes. I want them to feel moments of stillness, calm, happiness when they look at my work. On another level, I hope that I inspire others to look inside of themselves and find their inner voice, and more importantly the courage to follow their passions. 

What does community mean to you? 

Community to me means connection and I feel most connected with my parents, siblings, and my cousins and their children. There is comfort, safety, compassion, and laughter.

What’s your favourite community space right now where you feel connected? 

I also appreciate my Instagram community, which includes collectors of my work and also fellow creatives. I feel connected to a lot of my followers and it feels great to get excited about art and all things that are beautiful. 

Do you use candles or other home fragrance products? 

I use candles in my home on a regular basis. I love using long candle sticks for styling purposes. I also use candles to create a warm ambience in my home for dinner parties, tea time and quiet evenings. It really helps me set the mood. 

Follow Kirn here for more behind the scenes and check out our limited edition collab candle here.

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